Launching July 29th

Parent Resource Center

Every parent wants to raise an amazing kid. Not every parent knows how. Check out our parent resource center launching Sunday, July 29th, offering simple and practical tools for you to raise a thriving, godly kid.


What will be at the resource center?  


Annual Parenting Plans (FREE) - Because almost NO kid haphazardly wanders into a thriving life. These customized booklets for each year of your child’s life give you as a parent a map for how to engage your kid in spiritual conversations, things they are facing at that stage of life, and how you can maximize the time you have at this age.


*Sign up to receive your Annual Parenting Plans at our Parent Resource Center tent before and after our Sunday morning worship services. You will walk away with your first copy and will be sent your Annual Parenting Plan booklet in the mail each year, 2 weeks before your kid’s birthday.


Phase Cards (FREE) - Because every phase of your child’s life has its own unique and specific challenges. These simple cards give parents a quick reminder of how kids at each stage of life think and what they value. These cards take the mystery out of why a kid tends to act the way they do.


*Visit the Parent Resource Center on a Sunday morning and take any of these Phase Cards home with you for free.


Other Strategic Resources (For Purchase) - Because some challenges throughout your parenting journey require special attention. We will also have various books and resources that address specific topics and issues in the parenting journey available for purchase.


*Visit the Parent Resource Center on a Sunday morning and purchase these resources.


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